Yoga Unbound was created because every body needs a way to reverse the corrosive effects of stress, anxiety, and the quickening pace of life.


Experience well-being as a vivid sensation that is part of your lifestyle, instead of an overused expression.


Yoga Unbound grows with your body, not against it, regardless of age, injuries, or previous yoga experience.


Unbound from the constraints of traditional yoga, our style evolves to meet the needs of our modern world.

Yoga Unbound's Founder

Geoffrey Roniger

“I have realized that what is essentially important for me is to help people experience well-being. Not as a concept but as a vivid sensation. I think that as a culture, we have too much information available to our heads but we are impoverished when it comes to experiencing things in our body. My feeling is that the body and its inherent wisdom can lead us from a state of separation to connection and presence.  

Most people have forgotten what ease looks like or feels like, and it is my mission to remind them”

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The Unbound Lifestyle
Yoga Unbound is more than just yoga classes. We want you to experience wellness that stretches across all aspects of life. Over 25 years of practice & experience has given us a chance to discover products & insights that bring well-being into our life. We would like to share these with you.


  • Geoffrey is a storehouse of deep understanding of yoga and yoga teaching. His genuine quest for self-knowledge through his practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation has enabled him to leap like Hanuman over many of the obstacles that obscure the light of the soul. He can guide you through the physical alignment that leads to ease of breath and quietness of the mind. Study with him and you will be led to the essence of yoga and yourself.

    Rodney Yee
    Internationally acclaimed teacher and author of Moving Toward Balance
  • Geoffrey’s ability to apply yoga movements and concepts specifically to the pupils, in this case, professional basketball players, is astounding. He really took the time to break down individual movements in order to create a routine that would benefit each athlete. In addition, Geoffrey made a concerted effort to make sure that each person knew how to do each pose, why it was important to master, how it was beneficial, and most importantly he focused on the necessity of comfortable progression.

    Carlos Daniel
    Strength and Conditioning Coach of the New Orleans Pelicans

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