Geoffrey’s Product Recommendations

Yoga Unbound is more than just yoga classes. We want you to experience wellness that stretches across all aspects of life.

Over 25 years of practice & experience have given us a chance to discover products & insights that bring well-being, awareness, alignment, and space into our lives. We would like to share these with you.

Geoffrey Roniger

Founder of Yoga Unbound
Essential Unbound Props
Props are crucial because their support allows the body to find an optimal alignment that creates safety, integrity, awareness, and ease. The following items are like the basic food & culinary equipment you'd need to prepare a nourishing meal at home.



This one prop is almost as essential as a mat in learning proper alignment and balance.



This is a quintessential Yoga Unbound prop because in binding the body together, one is able to let go and open up.



Blankets are wonderfully versatile yoga props that support the body in all sorts of positions and help it drop into wakeful relaxation.



The Jade Harmony Mat, is 3/16” thick providing great traction and cushion while still providing stability for standing poses.

Props That Promote Joy
The following props transform seemingly unattainable yoga poses into an achievable & enjoyable reality. They truly unbind years of misalignment & bring you back to balance.

Backless Yoga Chair

B.K.S. Iyengar pioneered this prop to overcome the strength and flexibility limitations of his students. This prop can help you experience openness, groundedness, and a lightness of being.

Yamuna Foot Wakers

These are the best tools I’ve come across for opening, strengthening, and re-balancing the feet and ankles. They also do wonders for your hands and wrists too!

Yamuna Black Balls

These are incredibly effective at helping to soften and mobilize the deep musculature of the hips and legs. Five minutes on these black balls will expedite your progress in a yoga practice while dramatically increasing bodily awareness and responsiveness.

Yoga Bolster

A bolster is a balm for frazzled nerves, a stiff back, and a collapsed chest. By using it as a support for your torso, your breathing will deepen and your spine will rediscover its natural curves.

Eye Bag

Especially with the way our modern eyes are constantly being assaulted by screens, this tool is very important for helping them to rest and recover. When the eyes can become still, the brain can become quiet and a great calm ensues.

Yoga Sandbag

Accepting the weight of a 10 lb sand bag seems like it would drag you down; however, the exact opposite occurs. True grounding of the legs creates a lightness to the spine and a natural easement to the breath.

Soft Body Roller

I love this Melt Method Soft Roller because it hits a perfect balance of useful compression without the discomfort that comes from many rollers that look like torture devices!

Unbound Lifestyle Products
I believe that taking care of yourself from the inside-out is not a matter of self-indulgence; it's more like putting on your oxygen mask first before assisting others on an airplane. These products are tools that I use daily because they generate balance, connection, ease, & vitality.

Starting Your Day

Matcha Coldbrew

Breakaway Matcha Coldbrew is healthy & delicious clean caffeine that lifts you up without making you jittery or upsetting your stomach.

Valor Essential Oil

Valor is my go-to essential oil blend for grounding and centering my body/mind. I use it every morning before I teach!

Throughout The Day


I use this bio-active nasal spray after every single lesson that I teach. I believe that its antimicrobial properties kill airborne germs and keep me healthy.

Thieves Essential Oil

I use the Thieves essential oil blend for immune support and (knock on wood!) haven’t gotten sick in five years!

Winding Down To Sleep

Neuro Mag Powder

I drink one scoop of this an hour before bedtime, and I sleep super soundly. I wake up feeling refreshed and clear rather than the grogginess resulting from taking melatonin as a sleep aid.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is naturally balancing and calming. This is a staple of my nightly sleep routine!