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The first step toward preserving the soul in our individual lives is to admit that the world has a soul also, and is somehow participating with us in our work and destiny.

David Whyte

Greetings Everyone!

I know that this is a difficult thing to hear right now, and certainly a difficult thing to say, but I can’t shake this feeling that the coronavirus crisis is a huge wake up call for humanity and that are many positive lessons for us to learn from it. I am in no way meaning to downplay the huge amount of suffering, disease, and death that we are witnessing in this moment. Not one bit. But since each and every one of us is being impacted on some level, it is having an extraordinarily unifying effect. Can’t you sense that we are coming together even more, despite our isolation? This pandemic cuts through, transcends, and overrides all of the arbitrary divisions that our minds have created both within our society and our world. My hope is that we can really, truly internalize this feeling of oneness so that it continues to serve us as the new norm when we come out the other side. I also hope that we can see into this truth: that our current situation is symptomatic of an underlying discord between ourselves and the environment. I believe that we can heal this discord. We can shift our collective consciousness, but that shift must first take place within our individual heart and mind.

So let us not despair in this moment. Let us continue to look after one another. Let us take care of those who are most in need. Let us support the doctors, nurses, and healthcare people who are working so hard on behalf of us all. And let us not forget to take care of ourselves. That is why yoga is so important right now. It is a time-tested method for sustainable self-care. Here are new and improved ways for you to access yoga at home:

The Stress Relief Series is 4 yoga videos that can be purchased individually or as a bundle. I tried to make it really clear how stress most commonly appears and stays stuck in the body, and I’ve given simple ways that it can be released.

You’ll notice some new additions to our online schedule! Tamarin Hennebury will now be teaching her signature classes, Cool Yoga and Yoga Nectar, on a weekly basis. Cool Yoga will take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:30-5:30pm. Yoga Nectar will take place on Saturdays from 11:00am-12:15pm.

And since many of you have been requesting a longer practice than my daily 9:30-10:30am online class, I’ve decided to offer a workshop on Sunday, April 5 from 1:30-3:30pm called Yoga for Sanity and Immunity. Aren’t those two things that you desperately want right now? Me too! I hope you’ll join me in the virtual studio.

Take care,