Public Classes and Weekend Workshop

Modern man will succumb increasingly to physical and spiritual decay unless he finds some new way of coming back to his essential self and the true sense of life.

Karlfried Graf Durkheim

Greetings Everyone!

I am so pleased to announce the return of in-person public classes to the studio. While we are probably still a ways away from the public class schedule of old, at least we now have a few precious opportunities for the collective effervescence that can spontaneously arise in the cradle of a friendly and supportive learning environment. In an attempt to accommodate as wide a range of practitioners as possible, I have created an hour-long Level 1-2 class that will take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 8am, starting tomorrow, June 18! In order to comply with our current public health ordinances, space in these classes will be limited to just 12 students. Pre-registration is highly encouraged so that we can avoid the awkward situation of you showing up last-minute to a classroom that’s already full. I will also be teaching a 75-minute Level 1-2 class on Tuesdays at 6pm. Feel free to click on the big Schedule button at the bottom of this newsletter to start signing up for classes.

To preemptively answer a few questions that have come up from some of you recently, no, I will not be taking your temperature at the door when you come in. Yes, it would be better if you brought your own mat, blanket, block, and strap. Also, I don’t feel particularly compelled to go into a whole spiel about not coming to class if you or anyone you’re living with has covid symptoms, and I am not going to implore you to wash your hands before and after class because all of that should be so obvious at this point. Let’s just continue to demonstrate respect toward ourselves and others by practicing good hygiene and acknowledging the value of space. (By the way, doesn’t “space” sound better than “social distancing?” To my ear the latter sounds so cold and fear-based while the former sounds warm and considerate. Just saying…)

Since we only got through half of the workshop material that I had planned for last Sunday, and especially since not all of you were able to attend, I thought it would be fun to do another round of Learning the Ropes. Join me this Sunday, June 21 from 11:00am-1:00pm for an all-time favorite, a crowd-pleasing celebration of embodied lightness.

We will continue to offer online classes every day, so I hope to see you in the virtual or actual studio soon!

Take care,