On the Relevance of Yoga

When morals are built from the body’s behavior, you get a moral structure and behavior which respect the rights and privileges of other individuals.

Ida Rolf

Greetings Everyone!

One of my favorite things about yoga is its capacity to take abstract philosophical concepts and render them real by examining their meaning in the concrete realm of the body. Take for instance several words that are constantly being bandied around these days — equality, inclusivity, and freedom. Spend a moment considering what those words mean to you intellectually… Then ask yourself what they might mean viscerally. Do they land anywhere in your body? Are there any sensations associated with them? I find it kind of shocking that I don’t actually know all that much about those words when I investigate them through the lens of the body. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the root of our society’s problems right now is the fact that we have become increasingly disembodied. How are we going to create a moral structure that respects the rights of other individuals when we feel so disconnected from ourselves, within ourselves, and from each other? The body (and of course the larger body of the planet) is the one thing that all of us humans share in common, and I believe that is a powerful portal for peace.

No, I do not think that yoga will save the world. But yes, I do think that it is a fabulous method for remembering some fundamental truths, such as our interdependence. So if you’d care to explore some of these themes with me, then I would like to cordially invite you to a fabulous in-person workshop this Sunday, August 30 from 12:30-2:30pm. Learning the Ropes is one of the easiest ways to experience freedom and equality in the body because these unique props take care of so much of the work required to just inhabit a pose.

In other news, I wanted to announce that due to my conversations with students who are interested in the Yoga Teacher Un-Training Program but who are concerned about the reality of Zoom fatigue, I have shifted the schedule to a slightly shorter format. I think that this will allow for more assimilation and will create an overall better learning experience. I also included two private lessons with me in the cost of the tuition in order to increase the amount of individualized support for each participant. Remember that this course is an investment of time and resources that will pay dividends for the rest of your life. Read all about it by clicking on the link below:

And finally, I wanted to remind you all that I am offering 3 in-person public classes each week. While that’s nowhere near the robustness of our pre-covid schedule, it’s still something. If you’d like to come on in, use the unique studio gear, and see some familiar faces, then click on the big schedule button at the bottom of this newsletter to find out when they are happening. I sure hope to see you in the virtual or actual studio soon!

Take care,