Sanity Mondays: An Antidote to Consumerism

In our practice it is very important how you approach everything. The attitude, the inner silence, the trust that you put in your practice — it’s like receiving instructions from within.

Sandra Sabatini

Greetings Everyone!

It’s that time of year again where everything in the world seems to conspire toward making you feel that you are not enough and that you don’t have enough. From the subliminal messaging of advertisements to the carefully-crafted social media posts depicting “the good life,” we are all being assaulted by images suggesting that we would be much better off if we could only acquire the thing that we don’t currently have. To all of this nonsense, I say enough! If we are to maintain our individual sanity in the midst of this rampant consumer climate, then we must find ways of looking for the richness and beauty that already exist within. That is why yoga is relevant. That is why it is a salve to the soul.

I am so happy to announce a new program that I’ve created as an antidote to feeling less-than and not-enough. Health for the Holidays is a 4-week online immersion series in the art of conscious breathing. We won’t be doing any calisthenics or intricate movements in this series; we will simply be exploring surefire ways to better breathing. If you’ve ever enjoyed the conscious breath work that we’ve done in the online or in-person classes, then this is for you. Also, if you’ve never done yoga in your life but are interested in learning a method for reducing stress while increasing vitality, then this is for you. The series kicks off next Monday, December 7 and will meet each week via Zoom from 6:00-7:00pm (Central Time) throughout the month. Click below to learn all of the details. And please help spread the word to all of your stressed-out friends and relatives. I have deliberately designed this program so that anyone and everyone can participate.

I hope to see you in the virtual or actual studio soon!

Take care,